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Chinese Drivers Welcome Our New Robocar Overlords

chinese driver

A poll released today suggests that driverless cars appeal most in China and India and least in Japan, with English-speaking countries—the only comparison group—taking the middle ground. The Japanese position at the bottom and India’s near the top are strange. Could Japan’s reputation for robo-philism be unjustified? Was the survey—conducted online—unrepresentative of opinion in China


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Autonomous Emergency Braking


Humans are still a factor in the adaptation of automatic braking The remarkable thing about letting a car do the braking for you is not that the car stops. It’s how late the car hits the brakes. It’s almost as if a teenager were testing his or her reflexes. Those of us raised on automatic



NED University of Engineering plans to open campus in Dubai

Ned University

DUBAI:One of Pakistan’s top engineering universities NED University has launched a Dh110 million plan to open a campus in Dubai next year. Established in 1922, NED University – which takes the initials of its founder, philanthropist Nadirshaw Eduljee Dinshaw – is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Pakistan. But Muhammad Afzal Haque, the vice


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Pak Suzuki launches new model GD-110s motorcycle

Pak Suzuki GD110s(b)

Pak Suzuki launches new model of GD-100s motorcycle last night in Karachi at local hotel. The launch ceremony was attended by dozens of company dealers, who had been informed that Pak Suzuki is working on higher engine motorcycles and may launch more models soon. Pak Suzuki remains the dominant player in Pakistan’s four-wheelers market, though,